The reign of Carl Isidor, King of Amber and hero of The Unicorn, draws to a close. Though his reign was long, his legendary battle with a cabal of his brothers and re-drawing of The Pattern left its toll, draining his body of more of life’s vital energy, year after year.
The line of succession being the long and sordid thing that it is, and his inability to back the one he would choose as his successor, led King Isidor to summon the legendary mother of order and creation, The Unicorn, to choose his successor, as she had chosen him.

Family gathered from all reaches of Shadow to find out who would be the heir. In a private ceremony, on an escarpment overlooking the sea, King Isidor smiled as he placed the Jewel of Judgement around the neck of The Unicorn, and then released his final breath.

There was silence as The Unicorn surveyed the assembled mass, her gaze piercing each of the attendees. They all felt a change, as a decision was made.

She faltered.

A red circle began to grow on her flank.


Then a thunderclap!

Voices yelling and screaming!

Fear and Anger unleashed!


Some ran forward to The Unicorn, others ran for the source and still others just ran.

But the fate of The Unicorn was sealed, her broken body lie cradled in the arms of her descendants.

Who will find the assassin?

Who will wield the Jewel of Judgement?

Who will take the throne?

Death of the Unicorn

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