Death of the Unicorn

In false quarrel there is no valor.

Really, we finally get to find Rupert and Gutlaugh

Dmitri and Grimnir discuss terms. Dmitri offers Grimnir all of what they have brought with them in exchange for the violin, but Grimnir refuses. He wants only satisfaction, or an apology. Dmitri is not willing to apologize, so the fight begins. Grimnir and Dmitri are well matched, and the advantage swings back and forth.

As they are locked in combat, Anastasia begins to fashion a flag of truce, and approaches the group of pirates. Indigo approaches as well. At Indigo’s approach, Ida pulls Elouise to her, holding a knife to her throat. Indigo concentrates, and tries to make trump contact with Anahera. As she is doing so, Anahera seems to reach out to her. Indigo tries to use this contact to pull Anahera to Amber, but only succeeds in pulling herself to Anahera, in the middle of the pirates. All hell breaks loose as Ida slits Elouise’s throat. Anahera is pulled away from the group and towards Hayden by the Logrus, and Indigo goes for Elouise. Ice backs away from the conflict, with Anastasia approaching her as a Unicorn. Selkie takes advantage of the distraction to run off into the water.

As this is happening, Jacob takes advantage of Grimnir and Dmitri’s single-mindedness and rushes forward, impaling them both on a silver tipped spear and pinning them to the ground. They continued to struggle, until Grimnir gains the upper hand, and crushes Dmitri’s collarbone. Dmitri’s form begins to shift, and Bjorne lays before Grimnir on the beach. Grimnir leaves him, and beings to focus on the group of pirates. Jacob turns his attention to Ida.

Indigo trumps Elouise to Arden, where she does her best to stabilize her, leaving her in the care of the Forest. The Jewel, however, stays, its control contested by several people on the beach. Ida is grabbed with Logrus tentacles and lifted into the air, where Jacob fires an arrow at her which pierces her through the eye. Undaunted, she pulls the arrow out, and eats her eye, then throws it aside. She utters a power word which disrupts Hayden’s control of the Logrus, and falls to the ground. The Jewel, meanwhile, has fallen as well, Grimnir having asserted control over it. Ida grabs it, and rushes towards Grimnir, the closest target.

Grimnir surrounds them with a cage of force, and the crunch of bones is heard as they struggle within. Dmitri appears, and he walks towards the cage, taking a ring off his finger and placing it on Ida, who disappears. Grimnir, not trusting his cage to Dmitri’s strength, disappears as well. Dmitri then goes to the beach, picks up the violin case, the chest, and Bjorne, and drags them off into the ocean.

Indigo arrives back on the field, and begins directing the troops while fighting amoung them. Jacob, seeing the battle under control, returns to the castle with Hayden.

Meanwhile, Anastasia has been approaching Ice. Exerting her control over Fire, she prevents Ice from completely leaving the field until she arrives. As she approaches Ice, she tells her that she is her mother. Ice, confused, teleports away. Anastasia absorbs Fire into herself, and walks off into shadow.

Anastasia eventually becomes frustrated in her attempts to follow Ice by denizens of Chaos who are attacking any Pattern user that ventures into their path. She decides to go to Die Spinne’s shadow, to consult with her on removing the taint of Violetta from her body. When she arrives, she finds out Grimnir is there as well, recovering from the fight. She works with Die Spinne to remove her taint, although she also removes her power over Arden as they are doing so. They contact Indigo, and return to Arden to redo the ritual. When they arrive, Indigo tells Anastasia about Elouise, and she heals her enough for her to go back to Amber under her own power.

Grimnir, Anastasia, and Indigo decide to finally pursue Rupert, and begins to trail him through Shadow. Eventually, they find him upon the field of battle, leading a group of fanatically, futuristic marines against a horde of bestial, yet strangely technologically advanced, orcs. They beat down the orcs, and while they are doing so, Anastasia suggests to Indigo that if she is more accomplished as a warrior while riding, perhaps she should ride the Unicorn, as it would give her an advantage and allow Anastasia to bolster her in battle. Rupert’s men attack as well, after he calls the trhee of them heretics. They finally get to Rupert and subdue him, but it does not break his reverie. Grimnir guides him to walk the Pattern in the Jewel, and by the time he gets to the center, he has recovered both his strength and his mind. Anastasia follows them to the center, and Rupert tells them how he was captured. He found out that Solomon had obtained two of the Spikards, and Solomon overcame him and thrust him in this reverie. Rupert then disappears. Anastasia tells Indigo they are leaving, but Indigo wants to stay and fight, so Anastasia teleports to Amber. Grimnir teleports away as well.

When Anastasia returns to Amber, she insists on talking with Hayden, and when she finally is able to meet him, she tells him about Rupert, and tries to convince him to give Rupert as much trouble as possible, as he was instrumental in crucifying her. She then meets back up with Grimnir and Indigo, and they travel to find Gutlaugh.

Indigo is able to determine from her Trump Gutlaugh is in the Golden Circle, so they travel to her land. When they arrive at the “evil castle,” they are greeted by a pale reflection of a person, wondering if Solomon sent them, and insisting she is hungry. Anastasia reaches to touch her, and Gutlaugh latches onto her wrist, sucking the blood from her. With this contact, Anastasia is easily able to break into her mind, and determines that she is a Pattern ghost, created by the previous Pattern before it was destroyed. She was sustained by Solomon’s blood, but has not seen him in some time, and was thus reduced to her current state. They discuss Solomon, and she confirms what Anastasia, Indigo, and Grimnir learned from Bee and from investigating the Primal Pattern. They leave, with Anastasia promising to return to sustain her.


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