Death of the Unicorn

You shall seek all day ere you find them, and when you have them, they are not worth the search.

Will we ever find Rupert and Gutlaugh?

Anastasia, Grimnir, and Indigo arrive in Amber after deciding to track down Gutlaugh and Rupert. Sortly after they arrive, Hayden sends a message to Grimnir, asking for the Jewel, or Grimnir, as Jacob has been attacked several times by “the pirates,” who have been using the weather to their advantage. Grimnir declines, and sends the Jewel to Hayden. When Hayden receives the Jewel, he contacts Anastasia, telling her to take it and go to help Jacob. Finding no good excuse to back out, she agrees, and recruits Indigo into going with her. They, in turn, manage to rope Grimnir into coming after all.

Before they leave, Indigo decides to do a little spying, and trumps Nervous Vinnie surreptitiously, having him show her who is on the ship. On the Vile Whore, besides Ida, is a blue woman named Ice accompanying a sea-sick red Unicorn, and a man of above average Psyche, but unknown to her (or Anastasia, when shown). She also decides to spy on Jacob, and attempts to do so by trumping Pete. Instead, she discovers that Pete is being cared for on an island by several crewmen from the Vile Whore. She reports this back to Anastasia, and they grab Grimnir and get ready to go.

Anastasia tries to trump Jacob, but after he resists her first attempt, Indigo tells her to send him “a message.” After some discussion, Anastasia tries futiley, and Indigo finally sends the message herself. Anastasia receives a trump from Jacob shortly thereafter, and after confirming it is him, answers. Jacob brings them to the ship, and they discuss the situation. All of the weather attacks have been cold-related, and Anastasia and Indigo believe it’s Ice. All three settle in, with Anastasia seeming to do her level best to annoy Jacob and his crew with her obvious displeasure at being aboard. The three go down into the hold of the ship to see what’s up with Pete, and see him there, blissfully chomping away at his feed. Anastasia examines him with the Pattern lens, and Indigo with Trump, but he seems perfectly normal. Anastasia refuses to tell Jacob that they think Pete (or Shmete, as Indigo calls him), is a spy, certain he will simply laugh at her in derision. Neither Grimnir nor Indigo volunteer to float the suggestion, so they leave it be.

After a couple of days at sea, the pirates still had not attacked, and Jacob has not been able to track them down. Even more convinced there is a spy on the ship, Indigo and Anastasia use their magics to examine the crew. Everything checks out. Bored to tears, and anxious to move on to other pursuits, Anastasia begins trumping back to Amber for an hour or so each day, and spends the rest of the time working on Trumps in her cabin. Indigo and Grimnir take advantage of the time to go fishing.

After a couple more days, Anastasia trumps back to Amber to immediately sense that there is danger in Forest Arden. She rushes to the Forest, only to discover that nothing seems to be wrong there. A few moments later, just as she is about to contact someone aboard the ship, Indigo appears in Arden, mortally wounded. After healing Indigo, Anastasia contacts Grimnir, who tells her that as soon as she left the ship, “Shmete” began trumping people aboard. Ida and Ice immediately started attacking Indigo, who, while able to stop some of their attacks, was not able to defend herself from all of their sorcery. She did manage to severely injure “Shmete” with Mormegil. Shmete immediately turned into a seal, and slid off the deck into the ocean. As she began to black out, Indigo managed to trump to Arden.

While Indigo was fighting with the sorceresses, Dmitri also trumped in, and went straight for Grimnir. Their battle was epic, with Dmitri trying every dirty trick in the book, while Grimnirnir managed to keep an iron grip on him. Ida disappears as Jacob begins to arrive, and Ice engages him. She fully concentrates on defense, but is able to hold Jacob off long enough for Dmitri to use a power word to break Grimnir’s grasp, and falls into the ocean. With Ida and Dmitri gone, Ice disappears as well.

Wanting to find out more about the pirates plan, Indigo spies on Nervous Vinnie once again. He is about to get Ida to go over over the plan with him when Dmitri arrives, silencing Ida and clocking Vinnie in the head. After discussing their information with Jacob, including Indigo’s knowledge of the pirates’ tactics, they decide the pirates are planning on attacking Amber, probably to raid the treasury and embaress Hayden. Anastasia, Indigo, and Grimnir return to Amber to inform Hayden and plan, Anastasia and Indigo closing Arden to Trump as they do so. Anastasia insists on seeing Hayden, but Tamati tells her she won’t get in unless she lets him in her mind, as they are concerned about a shapeshifter attacking the King. Anastasia goes to Indigo, to get her take on letting Tamati into her mind, and finds her and Grimnir in the process of stealing Dmitri’s violin via Trump. After some discussion with Indigo, Anastasia decides to let him, and returns to find Tamati.

Tamati is in and out in a flash, and gives the ok for Anastasia to talk to Hayden. She briefs him on the current situation. While Grimnir and Indigo were plotting, the attack has started against the fleet, led by Vasili and Roderick on the Vile Whore. The Raven is deep within the pirates’ fleet, too far in to determine who’s aboard. Hayden complains about losing contact with Jacob, and Anastasia explains they have closed Arden (and btw, she’s the Marshall now). Hayden says he had been communicating through Tamati, but he seems to have disappeared. Anastasia asks Indigo about Tamati’s disappearance, and she says he went to talk to Bee, after the shock of realizing exactly what the three of them were planning to do, and why. Indigo sets up a “drop box” for Jacob to leave messages for Hayden, and says she will check it and relay them.


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