Death of the Unicorn

The End

And the Beginning

After Grimnir returns from Shadow, the group gets together to plan. Between everyone present, several more were contacted and asked to join in the master plan. Grimnir brings Die Spinne and the Giant. Rupert says that he won’t assist until he can talk directly to the Unicorn; Adagio and Anastasia take him inside the Jewel to talk to her (after he won’t be accompanied by Anastasia alone). After he spends some time speaking alone with the Unicorn, he agrees to assist. He is also much more respectful to Indigo and Anastasia after talking with her, and begins calling Indigo the “Trump Knight.” Oliveris reluctant to assist in the upcoming battle, but agrees to join, so as not to get destroyed along with Amber. Anastasia will join the battle, serving to the last as Queen of Amber. Of the pirates, Ida, the “Butcher of Amber,” relishes joining; Dmitri agrees to join them, but he refuses participate in the fight; Vasili, despite protests from Indigo and Anastasia, wishes to be destroyed along with the rest of Amber.

Once the final participants have been gathered, the planning begins in earnest. Grimnir will destroy and remake The Pattern at the same time, so as to lesson both the destruction across Shadow, and the time to defend the Pattern. Die Spinne will be in charge of triage. Jacob and Anastasia will lead from the center of the circle, with Tamati beside them, providing communications. Adagio, after putting up protective wards along with the Company of the Campfire, will be troubleshooting. Elouiseand Dooley will guard Grimnir. Bjorne will lead the Rebman forces, on the opposite side of the field from Ida. Oliver will fight alongside Rupert, in the front lines, near the Arden Rangers. Indigo and Anastasia, as the Unicorn, will go throughout the battlefield, as needed.

The Forces of Chaos attack almost as soon as preparation is completed. The first major attack was by Rigoberto, King of Chaos. With his fearsome, demonic visage, Rigoberto barges through the troops to where Grimnir is working on the Pattern, as Serpentine attacks the center in concert. In the fighting, Dooley is pushed onto The Pattern, severely injured. As everyone tries to figure out how to reach him, Rigoberto dissolves in a pool of blood and bursts up through Dooley, onto the Pattern, killing him. Grimnir stops and turns to battle Rigoberto, managing to knock him off The Pattern, to be ripped into oblivion. After this, DJ Treble and DJ Bass attack, and are fought off by Bjorne and Adagio. Violetta shows up, spawning a mass of demons. Indigo and Anastasia go off to face her, and manage to drive her back into Shadow. When she shows up again, it is just her body, making aerial attacks. Jacob grabs Hayden’s head from Anahera and strides forth, challenging Violetta. He fights her, but not with his usual prowess, and she takes the head and leaves. Jacob then reveals it was full of explosives that would go off once she left the Shadow.

Solomon shows up next, towering above the battle. Jacob feeds the dead to the Giant, who grows to Solomon’s stature and fights him, although he is clearly no match for Solomon’s prowess, and the Spikards. His distractions allow Indigo and Anastasia to force him to a more normal size, although he continues to fight his way towards the Pattern. Dmitri joins the fight, hooking onto Solomon with his chain “hand” as he begins to head towards Grimnir on the Pattern. After an epic battle, Dmitri manages to push Solomon off, but gets stuck on the Pattern himself. Lastly, The Serpent shows up, and Anastasia charges out to meet him. As she does, she transforms and truly becomes the embodiment of the Unicorn. It is a long and bloody battle, but she prevails, in part because of assistance from Indigo, and drives The Serpent into Shadow.

Finally, shortly after the Serpent is routed by Anastasia/The Unicorn, Grimnir finishes. As he does, all of the “residents” of the Jewel begin to appear, except one, the Unicorn. Having spent the remainder of herself keeping the Jewel residents safe, she lets herself go on to whatever existence, if any, follows. Bee is also gone, letting go of his mortal coil.

Grimnir has created an Amber where there are no technology limits, where almost anything is possible. He has allowed for any “ Amberite” to walk his Pattern as well, not just his descendants. When he is seen again, his form has changes to that of a girl, wise beyond her years. Anastasia claims the Jewel from Grimnir, and says to all it is her right, as the Unicorn’s heir, to choose the King of Amber. After a moment’s contemplation, she give it to Adagio. She then walks the new Pattern, and disappears. A short time later, a message arrives for Adagio, asking him to care for her children as if they were his own. Indigo journeys into Shadow for a time. Unable to resist the lure, however, she returns to Amber a short while later. King Adagio begins the process of rebuilding Amber, taking Ice for his queen.


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