Gypsy Storyteller & Singer


(This is the approximate sheet of displayed abilities, it still leaves a lot of room for where the character actually lies.)

P 45
S 5
E 40
W 10

Incredibly lucky

Sorcery Advanced
Conjuration Advanced
Pattern Basic

Approximately a dozen gypsies that follow him about in 4 wagons. They have chaos or greater abilities, magic, and enchanted gear/mounts.

 My beloved do you know
 When the warm wind comes again
 Another year will start to pass
 And please don't ask me why I'm here
 Something deeper brought me
 Than a need to remember

There exists a Song that sings across creation. Every living thing vibrates with its tenor, and the differences between Shadows creates the chords that define the differences between spaces. Listen hard enough, and the Song will find you.

Adagio leads his salty band of gleeful seekers across the Cosmos, from the loniliest peaks to the widest valleys in constant pursuit of perfection. The Company of the Campfire is bound together by the will of its greatest artist and the common heartfelt purpose of seeking.



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