New Queen of Amber


“Music is my passion. It’s in my heart, and my soul and in my blood. It’s in my dreams and everyone should follow their dreams to find their true calling.”

The “Prima donna” of the family, Anahera has taken to Shadow Earth‘s pop culture like a fish to water. Eschewing her previous life with her mother and brother for something less rugged and battle-torn, Anahera sought a shadow where she felt her gifts would be recognized. Though she is both beautiful and an amazing singer, her acting dreams have fallen short each and every time she’s tried, due mostly to an inability to remember any words that don’t have a tune attached, and a complete lack of understanding of any character she’s tried to portray.

In the politics of Amber she’s always vying for center stage. Alliances have come and gone, and she’s known to act in her own best interest. In spite of this, she has always remained in the good graces of her brother, Tamati, who has risen to Captain of the Guard.

Her colors are red and orange, her symbol an open flame.


  • Scalped by Maggie while Oliver was trying to take throne
  • Stalked Maggie while Jacob attacked Amber and scalped her
  • Attempted to become Marshall of Arden, but failed
  • Has only been seen wearing a mask or heavy veil since Maggie was killed
  • Has a hairdresser executed for treason after he saw her face without a mask; rumors are that he said there was nothing wrong
  • Married King Hayden and became Queen


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