(This is the approximate sheet of displayed abilities, it still leaves a lot of room for where the character actually lies.)

P 40
S Chaos
E 55
W 10

Advanced Pattern Imprint
Exalted Shape-shifting
Advanced Trump Artistry

Mastery of the Jewel of Judgement
Personal Trump Deck


Viscontessa Anastasia Mancini della Veneto of House Swayvill

Once upon a time, deep in Shadow, a Siren called out to the pirate Vasili, luring him to the shore. They spent a night together, and when Vasili awoke on the shore the next morning, the beautiful siren was gone.

It was of this union that Anastasia was born.

Anya’s mother, Contessa Violetta Mancini, raised her exclusively in the Courts of Chaos. Anya spent most of her time in her mother’s shadow of Bracciano, attended to by demons and other denizens of Chaos, although she occasionally visited the Courts with the Contessa, mostly for formal events and other “state” functions.

When Anya turned 15, her mother told her she was a Princess of Amber, her father being Prince Vasili, and that entitled her to walk the Pattern of Amber and join the court there. Anya traveled to Amber and announced herself, a surprise to Vasili, who was not aware he had a child until that time. Between this, and Vasili‘s almost filial relationship with Indigo, Anya’s relationship with her father was off to a rocky start.

When she found out about Rebma, spent a lot of time there. Met Eric there.

Know in Amber court to be an expert in protocol, etiquette, and history. Also known to at least display neutrality in opinions on matters of Amber court protocol.

Her colors are aqua and green, her symbol a narwhal.


Old Back – Unicorn with aqua background
New Back – An armed Knight riding a Unicorn, Aqua background

Room in Amber
Room in Rebma
Die Spinne
Rigoberto Del Soto
Primal Pattern
Violetta – Unknown Artist
Gutlaugh – Bee
New Anastasia


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