Triton-blooded Warrior


First in Strength for his generation
Former Sheriff of Amber
Heir to Rebma


“Jesus Christ and St. Benedict may protect your house, but I am the guardian of Amber.”

Bjorne’s presence is nothing if not powerful, and is dwarfed only by his strength. A giant of a man, towering over seven feet tall, his arms are the size of most mens’ legs. Equally impressive is his weapon of choice, an axe that itself dwarfs most men. Bjorne is said to be descended from a triton, and it’s apparent to any who have seen him in person. While he is known to be a minor shape-shifter, he usually prefers his natural form, the better to look down at everyone else.

His colors are brown and gold, his symbol an axehead.


  • Assisted Jacob in retaking Amber from Oliver
  • Tried to claim the Throne after taking Amber, but was thwarted when the crown was stolen and Maggie kidnapped and killed his son, Eric
  • When the family reconvened, he was absent after “losing his mind” and attacking Elouise and Sandrah
  • Resigned as Sheriff of Amber after Hayden became King, and returned to Rebma
  • Currently watching over Anastasia’s twins, Eric and Hope, his grandchildren, in Rebma
  • Disguised himself as “Roderick” to assist the pirates in attacks on Amber
  • Fought Grimnir to a standstill, posing as Dmitri


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