"Hoist the Dread Red! It be time to sully the sea."


“I give no quarter to those that sail the sea. And if they know what’s best for ‘em, they won’t give it to me.”

The Pirate know as the Coal-hearted Prince is the twin brother of Vasili. The terms ruthless and remorseless lack the ability to adequately describe this man. He has spent centuries on the seas and earned his title a hundred times over. A sound tactician, he’s not afraid to use everything at his disposal to survive. A low blow, a false truce, or abandoning his allies to the enemy are all just what it takes to get the job done. His father, King Isidor, sometimes referred to him as a cockroach that just would not die and they themselves fought more than a few times, but finally found a strained truce when Vasili became Admiral of the Amber Navy.

He has more than his share of battle scars, and has lost more than one limb over the years. While most of this has healed, he has worn a hook for his hand, fashioned of silver, for as long as most remember. He currently is missing his left leg, replaced by a wooden peg, and his right eye, covered by a patch.

His only companions over the years have been his twin brother, Vasili ; his sister, Ida (both known for disappearing with him each All Hallow’s Eve); and “Me Black Parrot,” a raven that seems to herald his arrival. Many have claimed to have killed the creature over the years, but none have offered proof; and it still can be found where ever Dmitri may roam.

His color is black, though he flies a red flag, and his symbol is the Raven.


  • Assisted Vasili in an attempt to take the crown of Amber on All Hallow’s Eve
  • Defeated the Krakens with Vasili and Ida
  • Did not swear loyalty to King Hayden; currently pirating Amber and its environs


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