Heiress to the throne


“They are just candles? When it is dark, what gives you light? When you find your way home, what guides you? When your prayers are unanswered, what consoles you? You are just a man, but these, these are salvation.”

The first child of Isidor. Best described in the sonnet written by a lost suitor:

Your golden hair, like waves of light
from the candles you hold so dear
and your eyes their fire, so that I might
look upon, gaze into, fall within and have no fear
Let me guard you, protect you, see that you never shed a tear
Your voice inspires me and gives me wings to soar
like a vice or an addiction that my ears long to hear
there is no ailment, that a song from you could not cure
Though I head to sea, and I hear the waves thunder on the shore
I take heart knowing that you are here in the city true
safe from the harm I face, safe from hatred and war
So that I may return to all that matters, you.
Other may mock my boyish fawning
In my heart, a new age is dawning

Elouise died tragically in the second Chaos War. Though she was not a warrior at heart she traveled with her brother to the front to provide urgently needed medical care to the soldiers and refuges. When Oliver and his force fell to the overwhelming hordes of Chaos, the town was sacked, and she was caught in the fire that burned the hospital to the ground.

Her colors are green and gold, her symbol a candle.



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