Warrior at home in the saddle


“I seek four things in life; a good woman, a strong horse, a fine weapon, and a righteous war. Bring forth the war, and I will be complete.”

Eric is the second child of Bjorne and Mareah, a woman from a nomadic tribe in one of the Golden Circle shadows. Mareah died shortly after he was born, and he was raised in Amber. In his teens, he ran off into Shadow with his sister, but upon reaching his majority, he returned and walked the Pattern, becoming a Prince of Amber. He splits his time now between Amber and Rebma, where his father is a Prince. It was in Rebma that he met Anya, and after a wild but seemingly genuine courtship, their engagement was announced. He is still close with his father and his sister, although sibling rivalry is sometimes evident.

Eric is known to be a competent warrior and unsurpassed horseman, seemingly more at home with his beasts than on foot.

His colors are brown and green, his symbol a horse, salient.


  • Captured by Maggie after she went mad from Vasili’s blood curse
  • Rescued by Anastasia, Indigo, and Bjorne
  • Kidnapped by Maggie and used to effect an escape from Amber after her capture; Scalped and Killed by Maggie in Forest Arden
  • Fathered two children with Anastasia in the nights before he died; children were not born until several months after his death
  • After Indigo inquired into her own birth and found their mother was barren, Bjorne revealed Eric was his bastard son with a woman from the Golden Circle, Audrey. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


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