Pirate Princess


“Got something ‘ard for me ’ave you lad? Well I’ve got somethin’ ‘ard for you too, and I’m bettin’ mines longer.”

Arranged to be married at an early age, Ida instead fled to her older brothers’ ships and stowed away until they were out to sea. After being discovered, her brothers decided to take her under their wings instead of taking her home. She took to the lifestyle like a natural, and was soon disguising herself to sneak onto other ships and sabotage them, so her brothers could later rob them. Always grateful to her brothers, she has stayed very close, but in her later years found a life of her own, first in piracy (where she earned her title, the Mad Butcher of Amber), before moving on to other adventures in shadow.

Her colors are blue and white, her symbol a compass rose.


  • Helped Vasili attempt to seize the throne
  • Gave Hayden the finger and left when he took the crown
  • Currently Captain of The Vile Whore
  • Slit Elouise’s throat, almost killing her


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