Sir Jacob the Cavalier, Field Marshal General Jake Cavalier, Marshal General of France Jacques Chevalier


First in Warfare for his generation


“I can hold the pass with ten men, but you’ll need to send fifty if you want them back alive.”

The quintessential knight-errant. Dubbed Sir Jacob the Cavalier by his father, King Isidor (to serve as a double edge moniker naming his skill and arrogance), he took to the sword at an early age, and has never truly returned from his years of wanderlust. Instead, he journeys from shadow to shadow, honing his skills, seeking the next challenge, and ultimately defeating all that cross his path. In Amber politics he has remained mostly neutral, not caring for the boring life of the throne but instead preferring his nomadic lifestyle.

Jacob is on vaguely estranged terms with his sister Maggie, but was very close with both Oliver and Setsuko before their untimely deaths, going so far as to swear an oath of vengeance should he ever find their killers. This oath was partially fulfilled when Solomon exposed the Queen of Rebma as the source of Setsuko’s assassination. The resulting bloody Rebman War ended with Queen Lorwyn’s bloody head rolling from the guillotine.

His colors are brown and green, his symbol, a lion rampant.



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