Ranger of Arden


Marshal of Arden

Blood cursed by Vasili
“By me blood, me pain on to you, witch, and let it be trifold for every moment me suffers.”
As a result Maggie has been driven insane.


“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. Dare to take a stroll?”

Her colors are red and brown, her symbol a hunting horn.


  • Joined with Oliver and Rupert to take control of Amber immediately after King Isidor’s funeral
  • Beat Vasili and dragged him into Arden after he attempted to seize the throne; Cursed after staking him out to be eaten by wild animals
  • Driven mad by Vasili’s curse and declared herself " Queen of Arden, the new Center of the Universe; " Closed the borders of Arden to all entry or exit, effectively cutting off Castle Amber
  • Captured Eric as he was assisting Bjorne and Jacob with conquering Arden
  • Scalped by Anahera as she was distracted by Anya, Grimnir, and Indigo; subsequently captured by Bjorne.
  • Effected an escape from Castle Amber by mind controlling Eric, and using him to ride off into Arden. When she realized that Anya and Indigo were pursuing her, she scalped Eric and cut off his head, killing him.
  • Killed by Indigo in revenge. She cursed Indigo as she was dying.


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