Grand Master Rupert Daemonfoe, Margrave of the March, Chief Librarian of the First Company


First in Psyche among his generation


“All hail the Emperor! Eternal will be the Imperium of Man! Glory to the Grey Knights!”

No one expected the quiet child Rupert to grow into the man he became. When the time for his wanderlust came, Rupert silently journeyed into shadow, returning years later as a warrior, a leader and a powerful sorcerer who channels pure psychic power. He prefers shadows that are technologically advanced, and is often found equipped with the best forged armor and weaponry.

Rupert distanced himself at an early age from most of his relatives, arguing loudly for more advancements in Amber, believing safety was in the future and readiness, not “hiding in a cave with sticks”. He has shown no ambition for the throne, but neither has he denounced his claim.

His colors are grey and red, his symbol, an eagle over forked lightning.



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