The Unicorn

Progenitor of the royal family


According to Dworkin, the Unicorn was the mother of Oberon, first King of the first Amber. The Unicorn is thought by some to be a myth or legend, appearing at critical points in the history of Amber to choose its ruler. King Isador called the Unicorn to choose his successor, but she was assassinated by person or person(s) unknown before being able to make a decision.


  • Anastasia has shapechanged into The Unicorn several times, which she claims she has be able to use to learn information from her
  • Impaled Grimnir and attempted to steal the Jewel of Judgement from him
  • Attacked Oliver after he struck her with a spear
  • Thought to be trapped in the Jewel of Judgement

The Unicorn

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