Former pirate turned Admiral of the Fleet


Admiral of the Fleet
Father of Anastasia

Blood cursed by Rupert
"Coward! By my birthright, you will never find the “Mercy” you inflict onto me."

As a result, appears to be an undead creature.


“Prepare to board mateys! A gold coin to the man who can bring back more heads than me.”

The Bloody-handed Prince earned his name on the seas of Amber along with his twin brother Dmitri. Building and losing fortunes through piracy, he was at odds with his father King Isidor until his performance in the Rebman War led the King to offer amnesty to him and his brother if they returned to the fleet.

Vasili is close with his brother, Dmitri, and his sister, Ida, but estranged from most of the rest of his family, including his daughter, Anastasia. The only exceptions to this being the daughter of Bjorne, Indigo, who has taken to a ship as if she were born to it; and Grimnir, son of Oliver.

His colors are black and purple, his symbol the sextant.



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