Violetta Mancini

Siren of House Swayvill


Countessa of House Swayvill
Mother of Anastasia


As a siren, seduced Vasili and then disappeared into Shadow. Raised their child, Anastasia, in a shadow near the Courts until the age of 15, when she sent her to Amber to claim her birthright.

Maintains a cordial relationship with her daughter, although oft times busy with the political intrigue of the Courts.


  • Found to have many, many children
  • Uses “favored ones” to keep herself young by raising daughters and taking their bodies
  • Die Spinne and Anastasia both know to be favored ones who rebelled
  • Assisted her daughter, Anastasia, in taking care of her children during her pregnancy
  • Tried to steal the children; Anastasia, Indigo, and Grimnir rescued them with Die Spinne’s assistance
  • Severely injured by Grimnir but fled before she was killed, current whereabouts unknown

Violetta Mancini

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