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  • Company of the Campfire

    The Company is a peaceful band of wandering Gypsies that travel the Cosmos in search of perfection through Song. From their home realm of [[Iambic | Iambic]], they have found other worlds deprived of the glory of music and expression. [[Iambic | …

  • Iambic

    Iambic is a place of near constant song. Every day tasks are accomplished, organized, or merely accompanied by spontaneous song. Songs define the culture, purpose, and means by which each person lives their lives. Iambic is controlled by [[:adagio | …

  • Adagio

     My beloved do you know
     When the warm wind comes again
     Another year will start to pass
     And please don't ask me why I'm here
     Something deeper brought me
     Than a need to remember
    There exists a Song that sings across creation. …

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