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  • Amber

    The True City, that all cities in all [[Shadow]] attempt to emulate, is the center of everything.

  • Rebma

    When people of [[Amber]] and the Golden Circle think of [[Rebma]], they think of the ghost city where water can be breathed like air and where [[Amber | Amber City]] is reflected. They do not think much of what lies past that. [[Rebma]]'s signature trade …

  • Shadow

    Shadow is that which [[Amber | Amber]] creates, which seams real, which comes in infinite provision, but which is not real. Everywhere between [[Amber | Amber]] and the [[Chaos | Courts of Chaos]] is Shadow. Royals of [[Amber]] who have negotiated [[ …

  • Chaos

    Beyond the [[Shadow | Shadows]] of [[Amber | Amber]], beyond the point where "rational" things like the laws of physics and nature have any real meaning, there is the Courts of Chaos.

  • Abyss

    When you gaze into the Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into you. --Nietzsche At the end of all things, it sits and waits for all things to fall into its maw. It is the ultimate hole, the ultimate nothing, the void which haunts all dreams. More …

  • Tir-Na Nog'th

    When the full moon shines, a mirage appears above [[Amber]]. This is the city of Tir-na Nog'th. The only inhabitants of this city are shadows and ghosts of people who once, might have, or never existed. When the ghost city appears, a stairway leads to …

  • Shadow Earth

    A shadow similar to Contemporary Earth. Often frequented by past and present residents of [[Amber | Amber]], the shadow continues to grow stronger.

  • Bordeaux

    A shadow similar to contemporary France, controlled by [[:sandrah | Sandrah]]. Currently under the control of the forces of [[Chaos | Chaos]].

  • Veneto

    [[:anya | Anastasia]]'s personal shadow, modeled after the [[Shadow Earth | Shadow Earth]] city of Venice, although with a thriving aquatic civilization. Located near the [[Chaos | Courts of Chaos]]. Destroyed in a fight between [[:violetta-mancini | …

  • Das Heiligtum

    [[:die-spinne | Die Spinne]]'s personal shadow. It appears to be a vast system of caverns with very little in the way of comforts for humans. She's been known to move it through shadow and control the flow of time, as well as give refuge to various [[ …

  • Trump Bridges

    A series of [[Trump | Trump]] Gates built by [[:tamati | Tamati]] and [[:indigo | Indigo]], under orders from [[:hayden | King Hayden]], to facilitate travel across [[Shadow | Shadow]]. Two of the Trump Bridges have been captured by the forces of [[ …

  • Iambic

    Iambic is a place of near constant song. Every day tasks are accomplished, organized, or merely accompanied by spontaneous song. Songs define the culture, purpose, and means by which each person lives their lives. Iambic is controlled by [[:adagio | …

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