Barbarian Queen

Part One

Darke was de night an cold was de ground

Warm was de blood tha drip on her face

Enteka, O Enteka

Enteka, Mother uf Wind

Enteka, O Enteka

Enteka, Breaker uf Land

Crush de tribes, O Enteka

Free de Hidden, O Enteka

Tyrfeng, serpentine

Tyrfeng, father uf all swerds

Tyrfeng, blade uf Enteka, slayer uf Forsaken

Bless us both Hidden an Bare

Enteka, O Enteka

Enteka, Queen uf All

Enteka, O Enteka

“Well,” I said, closing the book, “either that was a rather odd translation, or they spoke really strange back then.” I looked over at the accompanying painting. Tomas Emetti original, but much more crude than his normal style. An early work? Based off of old legends, a subject matter he rarely visited. A barbarian female, armored in leathers and fur, covered in gore and tattoos. She wields a dagger, glaring at the viewer as if issuing a challenge. In the background a giant, silver, serpentine sword sticks out of the ground, skewering a red mound of snow. A shadowy figure watches in the mid-ground, eying the barbarian. Eyes filled with hate, jealousy, fear and… hope? I’m being overly dramatic.

“I got an art history degree, I’m aloud to be fruity sometimes,” I said aloud. I stared at the painting for a few more moments, muttering “Who are you? What are you? Why are you?”

I glanced around my library and realized I was talking to myself.

“Honey,” I shouted, “Where are you?”


“Honey!,” I yelled, “Hey!”

A toilet flushes, steps approach. “Jeezus Christ, what?” said Dimitri as he entered the room.

“I just realized it’s dark out. Is Erik still outside?”

“Yeah,” he said, adjusting his pants, “playin’ with Leroy and the other kids.”

“Not that McGill boy again?”

“Norm? I dunno. What’s your problem with him anyway?”

“I don’t know,” I sighed, “He just seems so… dangerous.”

“Enh, he’s fine, " he shrugged and sat down in one of the leather chairs. "You’re still okay with tomorrow night, right? I know how my dad can be a handful.”

“Oh, I’ll be fine,” I smiled, “And if Vasili doesn’t like my cooking, I’ll skewer him with the salad tongs.”

Dimitri laughed, “I’d give my right eye to see that.”

We both laughed.

Barbarian Queen

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