Dead Note

It is not true that there is no chaos in Amber.

Grimnir grimaced as he stood over the maid’s mop bucket, straining to produce even a trickle of urine. A strange thing considering that only an hour before he had almost urinated on himself while under assault by assassins from shadow. The beast men were more gorilla than man, and might have choked him to death had they not attacked his strengths. Yet now, when he needed it most, he could produce only a drip.

For hundreds of years, despite being tortured and tested across a thousand worlds, he had survived his exile in shadow. Grimnir was a true prince of Amber. No matter his fortunes. The truth of his attempted assassination was that he had anticipated and indeed invited it in order to discover the truth of the Unicorn’s death. After all, any usurper bold enough to bring death upon chaos incarnate would not hesitate to make attempt on the Jewel of Judgment now in his possession.

Finally, the drip of Grimnir’s urination increased into a trickle. “Sometimes the most primitive methods are the best methods,” Grimnir thought as he gave himself a final shake.

Convinced that his enemies were moving against him, he set about constructing a dead man’s note using his own urine as an invisible ink. Grimnir pulled up his trousers and opened one of the books on courtly etiquette Anya had lent him from her library. “May she forgive me this irony,” he thought to himself as he turned the book to its first chapter and began setting piss to parchment with a fine detail paintbrush.

The process of letter writing was slow and painstaking. Grimnir first composed the letter in his mind, then held it there as if it were Pattern itself as he inserted the hidden message into Anya‘s text using something akin to a baconian cypher. By circling A’s and B’s throughout the text he composed a binary code that could be translated into his intended message.

" Apologies for the rude manner of my death note, but forces move against Amber even as I transcribe this message. I have survived an attempted assassination and am going to attend a meeting with Rupert which I suspect will result in either an extensive alteration of my mind and memories or death itself.

I do not trust Rupert. I suspect that either he himself intends to make a play for the throne of Amber, or he is in alliance with others who do.

The beast men who attacked me are shadow borne, and are the vanguards of a ten thousand strong army in shadow. They worship the ‘cloaked one’ as a god."

(For more information on baconian cyphers enjoy this article and this link to what inspired me to write about this encryption method.)

Dead Note

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