Forest Arden

Forest Arden stretches both the ‘shadow’ in which Amber lies and off through shadow away from Amber farther than anyone other than the Marshal of Arden knows; certainly parts of it stretch through shadow almost as far as shadow Earth. Forest Arden is closest to Amber to the north of Mount Kolvir, where it stretches to the coast and northward for forty miles or so until its end; inland no-one knows how far it stretches. To the south the Vale of Garnath separates Arden from the sea. The Marshal of Arden lives in and guards the forest from Castle Arden, a large (though nowhere near as large as Castle Amber) fortification deep in the forest. It is of a much more Spartan design, inside and out, than Castle Amber, and is of a pale grey stone.

Villages, lodges and smaller fortifications are spread through all the shadows of Arden. Some of these live by hunting and gathering; others farm in clearings cut from the forest. Most of these settlements form part of the defences of Amber, or are related to the defence of Amber in some fashion. All of them are linked by each other, and Castle Arden, by a network of roads and pathways through the forest (some of which are hidden).

Although most of Amber’s trade comes in by sea, there are a number of important trade routes which follow shadow paths through Arden into Amber.

Maggie was Marshal of Arden under King Isidor. Indigo replaced her when she was killed.

The current Marshal of Arden is Anastasia.

Forest Arden

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