Dear Ice,

If you are reading this, then something has happened to me, and I am dead, or worse. I have honored your request, but I did not wish to depart this mortal coil without explaining some things to you.

After your aunt, Indigo, and I were attacked by Solomon, we were separated and thrust into limitless shadow, and our minds were addled. My mind created a fantasy for it to live in: a shadow of my love, and a life to live with him. It was thus that you were born.

That day, when you fell into the ice, I did go to rescue you. What I did not know, until very recently even, was that I rescued a shadow of you, my mind taking me to a place where rescue was possible, so much did I yearn for it.

When I recovered my senses, the first thing I did was send a part of myself after you. (Bjorne can explain this process in more detail if you wish.) I did not know if you were merely a dream of my addled mind, or a true child, but I wanted to find you if you were real. It was of this creation that Fire was born, and she did find you and become your companion.

When you fought Indigo, I realized who you were, and was able to confirm this by reuniting with Fire, a creature of my blood. All I have done since then has been to protect you, and to try to know you.

There are things you should know about our family, should any of them survive. My mother, Violetta, is a…brood mother. She creates fantastic creatures from herself, and when she has exhausted her physical form, she creates a daughter whose body she takes. I was one of these daughters, although I escaped her reach. If you meet anyone who claims to be one of my siblings, do not trust them. They are still under her influence. Since you were born while I was still under her influence, she may seek you out to see if you bear traces of her influence as well. The one exception to this is Die Spinne. She is an escaped daughter as well, and helped me escape and rescue the twins from her influence. It might be wise to seek her out.

The twins…Bjorne’s son, Eric, of whom your father was a shadow, was my one and only love. We were to be married before he was killed. The twins are our children. If you find it in your heart, please look after them. They will have no parents now, although I am sure their grandfather will dote over them.

I am comforted in this time to know that you have allied yourself with Bjorne. He is one of the few I would trust, and ha been like a father to me. I have hope that he will treat you well. His daughter, Indigo, I have trusted with my life many times over, and I would recommend her to you, although I fear that if you are reading this, she will be gone as well.

My actual father is Vasili, the pirate. He did not know of me until very recently, but we had been building a relationship before he was cursed. You may wish to seek him out as well, should he have survived.

I close this letter with a final request. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive your mother for the actions she has taken. I have made many mistakes in my life, but please believe me when I say they were taken with love in mind, no matter the results.

With all my love and regrets,


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