Memorable Quotes

“Lines will be drawn soon, lass. If you be findin’ yourself on the other side of one, remember this…my brother has forgiven me all sins.” – Dmitri speaking to Anastasia

" The sole right Oliver has to the throne is his sword. We’ll see if it’s sharp. " – Grimnir

“Did you ever think that someone wanted to kill her just ‘cause she’s a cunt?” – Indigo about Anahera’s encounter with Maggie.

“We need to find out what we don’t know and we need to find out what we don’t know we don’t know.” – Grimnir

“The Kraken recognized its master.” – Anastasia after “rescuing” herself.

“May you rot here you blasphemous bitch!” – Rupert to Anastasia

“Because it’s who I am.” – Anastasia on her transforming into a Unicorn.

“I’ll show you my gown. Don’t laugh or I’ll stab you.” – Indigo

“Your assassins are as impotent as your cock, Usurper!” Grimnir to Solomon

Tamati: " Ah, Indigo. Always with the quick tongue, never with the quick wit. "
Indigo: “Exactl- Hey!”

“Aye, me too.” – Dmitri’s oath of loyalty to his brother-king.

Anastasia: “That makes sense.”
Grimnir: “Actually that doesn’t make sense” – Discussing Anya‘s attempt on Grimnir’s life.

Anastasia: “These are from Amber.”
Indigo: “Okay…”
Anastasia: “No I mean Amber, Amber.”
Indigo: “Okay, okay?”

Bee: " I’ll name him Jasper. "
Indigo: " His name is LeRoy. "
Bee: Glare " It’s Jasper. "

“Here witch! Now tell them you’re not their savior but their apocalypse.” The king’s whispered dying words according to Anastasia.

Bjorne: " How did you defeat Maggie? "
Indigo: “My magic was greater than hers.”

“How the fuck to you stay neutral, anyway? I guess not killin’ folk helps.” Indigo to Tamati

“You can’t fault a mother for wanting to protect her favorite child, can you?” Violetta to Anastasia

“The line has been drawn. The Trump reads blood.” Tamati

“Submit!” Grimnir’s defeat of El Gigante.

“…!” Grimnir at the revelations of his daughter.

Indigo: " Really? I mean…your mom IS a whore. "
Anastasia: “Don’t you even start with me…”

Elouise: “What’s going on?”
Grimnir: “I’ll be completely honest with you, they’re all bat-shit crazy.”

Anastasia and Indigo before the latter’s duel with Ice.
Anastasia: “What if she beats you?”
Indigo: “She won’t.”
Anastasia: " She held her own with Jacob. "
Indigo: * Doubletake * “She did?”
Anastasia: “Be careful.” * Glare *
Indigo: “If she’s your kid she’ll be fine…or dead.” * shrug *

Grimnir flies before Vasili, crucified on the figurehead of the Doom of the Knave. He is holding Dworkin’s Violin.
Vasili: * Chuckle * " Thank you, for making me feel something. My brother is going to kill you, and it won’t be pretty. "
Grimnir returns to the ship and addresses Jacob, “He’s coming.”

Anastasia: “Indigo, I am your mother.”

“You’re on ‘the other side,’ but you’re still my father. I won’t forget that.” Indigo to Bjorne

Grimnir: " I’m not worthy to use the Jewel. "
Indigo: “Oh fuck off, yes you are.”

Anastasia addressing Hayden during his “me” time lounging in the royal bath.
Hayden: “Yes, what is it?”
Anastastia: " What do I have to do in order for you to stop torturing Dmitri? "
Hayden: “Oh just get the fuck out!” * throws a nearby shoe *

Sascha: “This is not the Amber I remember.”

Adagio: “And he ‘hangs out’ in the castle.”

Adagio: “Shut up for a second.”

Indigo: “I missed you dad.”

(Speaking of Violetta)
Indigo: “Someone had to say it.”
Anastasia: “No, they didn’t.”

Anastasia: “I’m not insane either. Not anymore.”

Anahera: “I choose to rule alone.”

Sascha: “That’s alive, isn’t it?”

Memorable Quotes

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