So Your Daughter's a She-Bitch

Part Two

“Gah, if I eat any more I’ll burst!” said Vasili with a smile.

I turned to Dimitri. “I guess I won’t be needing these,” I said as I set down the salad tongs.

Dimitri laughed.

I smiled.

Vasili glanced at both of us with a confused look on his face.

Thankfully, Erik broke the tension. “Can I show grampa my new pictures?” he asked me.

“Sure, sweetie,” I said. “Wash your hands before you get them.”

Erik ran out of the room. Vasili smiled to himself. “Lemme guess, more unicorns?”

Dimitri rolled his eyes. “Don’t start, dad.”

“I’m just saying, a boy that draws unicorns all day, well, he might end up… you know.”

I cleared my throat. “Subject matter aside, he’s actually getting quite good.”

Vasili snorted, “Good? He’s four!

“Dad,” Dimitri interjected.

“What?” he said, sipping from his wine glass, “Every parent thinks their kid’s gonna grow up to be something great. And then they-”


I poured myself some more wine.

Vasili wiped his sleeve across his mouth. “What? I ain’t saying I’m upset that ya sell insurance. It’s just you ain’t, ya know-”

“Well, here we go again,” said Dimitri, “I’m tired of hearing about this, you think that-”

Tired of hearing this. Dimitri kept going on, arguing with my father-in-law. I didn’t care. Everything was a buzz. A buzz I’ve heard before, floating around my head. Not hurting, not stinging, just… just annoying. I hated that feeling. Sick, disgusted with my life. Disgusted with everything that was happening. I needed out. My thoughts turned to the book, the painting. “Excuse me,” I said, standing up. I picked up my wine glass and turned to leave.

“Mareah,” asked Dimitri, looking at me then at his father, “I-”

“I guess you’re doing the dishes, Dee” Vasili laughed. “Need me to give you a hand?”

I left.

Erik almost ran past me as I walked down the hall. “Where you goin, mommy?”

“I think dinner’s done, kiddo.”

Erik looked at his unicorn drawing, then at the dining room, then back at me. “But-”

“It’s dessert time, you can get some ice cream if you want.”

“Ooh!” He ran off.

I returned to my library. I stared at the painting, scratched my chin. I stared at the image, at the barbarian queen. Were her eyes following me? I shrugged and flipped open the book.

Enteka, O-

At least they’re consistent. I took another sip of wine.

Enteka, O Enteka

Enteka, Wind-Mother

Enteka, O Enteka

Enteka, Mother uf de Wolf

Uf thighbone came Gráinne, Childe

Gráinne, She-Wolf

Gráinne, Earth Walker

Gráinne, Tyrfeng’s second

An so came Wind Mother

An so came Earth Walker, so came She-Wolf

An so came the Tattooed One

Tattooed One, uf Lands Un-Broken, uf Lands Un-known

Tattooed One, Death in Eye, Hands Outstretch

Tattooed One, Bane uf Enteka

Th Dance uf Enteka an Tattooed One

Th Dance uf Death

Gráinne, Bringer uf Night

Gráinne, Witness

Gráinne, Blood Spilt by Tyrfeng’s bite

Gráinne, Neither Slayerer nor Slain

Gráinne, O Gráinne

So Your Daughter's a She-Bitch

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